We are in the midst of the Stanley Cup playoffs – the most riveting, tension-filled, nonstop, passionate action you can see in sports.

You must be wondering: What does ice hockey have to do with an advertising agency? Only everything.

Ice hockey is a global sport. Germany and France both have national teams. There’s even an NHL team a few miles away from Conshohocken, PA. Sorry folks living in the UK. Think soccer (I know, I know, football.)

Let’s go through a position-by-position analysis of our team.

Centers: These are the goal scorers. They get the spotlight. In advertising, these are the copywriters and art directors. These team members are privileged to create the tangible assets an agency produces. Seeing a client smile when presenting an idea – for these centers, that's like scoring a goal. I want to raise my arms in the air and embrace my teammates.

Centers take lots of shots, most of which don't cross the goal line. The same is true of concept presentations. Only one idea will score, the more chances you take, using quality work, the greater your chance of scoring

Wingers: Wingers, often called grinders are the hard-working players known for grinding along the boards. They muck for the puck in the corners. They are relentless and make everyone else around them look good. Our medical team, strategic planners and project management come to mind here. Often working behind the scenes, they rack up assists by feeding creative people the opportunity to score.

Defense: The defense consists of players who control the pace of the game. They play in multiple zones and mange opportunities of all sorts. They are stalwart. They are tough. They are account people.

Goalies: The goalie is unique. The goalie is largely ignored unless he lets the other team score. Then a red light goes off and the home fans boo and point a finger at this net minder. But the goalie catches mistakes. The goalie lets you take chances and says, “Don’t worry, I’m here to protect you.” Reminds me of a good editor. Always on call. Always catching mistakes. Always making it look effortless. And always making the rest of the team look good.

Of course, no team plays well without a good coach and management. For that, I thank our department heads for their incredible leadership through a bruising but very successful season.